Street photography began almost 50 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. Since that time, I have taken photographs in Asia, Africa, Europe, and throughout the Americas. Most of this work has been near my homes in South Carolina, Cape Town, and Portland. Recently, I’ve been privileged to study with master photographers Bruce Gilden, Peter Turnley, David Alan Harvey, Constantine Manos, Harvey Stein and Nikos Econopoulos. Their teachings have both expanded and focused my work. I try to capture spirit through the eyes of the individuals I photograph within the context of their various settings. I am currently two years into a project, “We Refuse to be Moved: The King Community Project.” I was fortunate to meet this community of individuals, ages ranging from children to adults in their 70s, who grew up near King Elementary School and still view it as their home despite intense neighborhood gentrification. Some of these individuals still live in the neighborhood while others live miles away in East Portland. Yet, every day, a cadre meet in the park that adjoins the school. Sometimes they eat and drink and smoke; but what is constant, though, is conversation. In a sense, photography is my conversation!

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